In the video above, the process of electric induction brazing is shown and explained while watching the machine in action that automates parts of this process, with the aid of manually pushing buttons at the right time and manually adding necessary materials for the brazing of the diamond blade to be completed. The process shown needs to be repeated for every segment around the blade.

A short clip at the beginning of the video shows the blade being prepared and cleaned ready to be placed on the Electric Induction Brazing machine.

Diamond blades are used for cutting materials that are especially tough to cut through, such as stone, concrete or asphalt. Segments eventually wear out with heavy use and then need to be replaced to make the blade effective again for cutting through tough materials. This video shows the process of soldering new diamond segments around the outside edge of a large blade using the superior method of electric induction brazing. This is one of the services of our company, Stone Supply Inc. The video shows this process being done in our machine shop.

Stone Supply Inc in Pennsylvania, United States, is a quality supplier of diamond blades. Browse this web site to learn more about all our products and services.

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