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We are a family-owned business manufacturing diamond blades since 1955.

Large Blades On-Site Maintenance: If necessary, we’ll also travel to saw shops to perform maintenance on large diameter blades. We manufacture all of our segments for large diameter blades in our plant in Pennsylvania.

We make tapered sandwich segments for blades 5 foot to 11′-6″.

Advantages: Better side clearance = more accurate, better tracking in the cut; cores last longer.

The advantages of these segments are that they have better side clearance through their life for better tracking in the cut and more accurate cutting of the blocks. Segments can be worn out more completely and the cores last longer because of the reduced wear in the landing and gullet area.

Other Products We Offer

We also offer core bits, asphalt, concrete and green concrete blades.

  • Core Bits
  • Asphalt Blades
  • Concrete Blades
  • Green Concrete Blades

Economy Blades: In addition, we have economy blades from Korea ranging in size from 4″ to 20″ in diameter.

Engines and Water Pumps: We offer Honda and Kohler engines and Honda water pumps.


We offer the following bonds from 24 to 48 inch blades in the notch segment.
.250 x .500 high by 2-inches long.

  • N2SB Soft
  • N2

Bonds available in 1.5 inch long segments for .250 x 1.5 inches for 24 to 48 inch blades.

  • 720ASVS Soft
  • 720AS
  • 720A
  • 720
  • 725 Hard

Hours of Operation: Shop hours are 8 am to 5 pm Eastern time.

Sales in the US only. For orders to be sent to locations outside our local area, shipments may be made to United States addresses. No sales to addresses outside the United States.

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