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stonesupplyinc.com  Stone Supply Inc aerial view We have been in business since 1955. At that time, natural diamonds were used and the life of a blade was short. Cores were thin and an 18-inch blade cost $305. Stone sold for 20 cents per foot, so it took 1,525 feet to make the purchase of a blade economical.

More recently, that same 18-inch blade sold for $320 and colored stone for $2 per foot, taking only 160 feet to make a smart purchase.

stonesupplyinc.com - cutting stone or concreteWe were the first quarrymen to make service-market diamond blades for the flagstone quarries in Northeastern Pennsylvania and New York State.

Before 1985, all damaged blades had to be returned long distances to a factory for repair. We made our first blades in 1985, using a torch for brazing.

Today, we have three semi-automatic electric induction brazers and skilled employees keeping our operation running efficiently.

stonesupplyinc.com - Diamond Blade ManufacturingWe have the capabilities to complete immediate repair work on blades that have been bent, heated or pinched, as well as doing our own hammering, tensioning and straightening.

If necessary, we’ll also travel to saw shops to perform maintenance on large diameter blades.

Businesses that buy our products and services are primarily flagstone quarries, service businesses that have a need to cut through materials such as asphalt, concrete or stone, along with construction companies which do repairs on bridges, roadwork and other construction materials that are difficult to cut through.

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